As Lighthouse continues to grow we are excited about bringing something new to the table

A Membership

As it is our policy with Coaching, to become a Member of Lighthouse you will need to meet certain criteria as we will only be able to allow a select few to become members each month. First you must have completed the free consultation in person or over the phone. From there, we will be able to determine if the Membership option is right for you. The Membership option is not for everyone, just as the coaching process is only for those who have the need.

Some things you will need to know about the Membership

The Membership is all about providing the member information that they will, on their own time, comprehend and implement. Lighthouse's commitment to our members is just as strong as it is with our Coaching clients. Lighthouse will provide information that will educate, equip and inspire members to lead more purposeful lives.  This will be done through various channels beginning with unlimited access to our extensive library of books, DVDs and CDs. View some of our library here.  If you are in search of Financial information and education you will have the ability to have your budget professionally reviewed and updated via email once a year. Maybe you are registered under the Career membership? No problem, your resume will be reviewed by Lighthouse through email as well. What else will you receive? Discounts on Lighthouse forums and sponsored events and free financial software for debt reduction and retirement are just some of the benefits. To find out more and see it you qualify email us at