What is divorce recovery coaching

We are here to support you and help you walk through the tragedy of divorce. We offer a six to eight week Divorce Recovery Workshop at our facility or in your local Church. We also meet one on one with clients and help them grow through the process of divorce. We have led, and facilitated workshops for over 12 years and have walked 100's of newly singled people to a new life after divorce. We can help you put together your new life and grow through your divorce not just go through it.

Benefits of divorce recovery coaching

  • Individualized support during the journey with fellow struggler
  • Better relationship with children
  • Personal growth
  • Experience with selecting and dealing with attorneys and government agencies
  • Reduce chance for a subsequent divorce
  • Reduced stress

How do I find out more

Give us a call at 330-776-8007 to schedule a free appointment or to see when we will be offering our next Divorce Recovery Workshop.