What is financial coaching

Financial Coaching is our one–on–one service where we offer sound, proven, financial wisdom to people regardless of their current situation. Some clients are:

  • On the edge of bankruptcy
  • Struggling with debt
  • Doing okay, but can't seem to get ahead
  • Doing well, but want to do better

Regardless of your financial situation we help people to develop and execute their own customized personal financial plan that gives them hope and a sense of freedom.

Financial coaching is structured to empower people to take control of their own financial situation.

Benefits of financial coaching

  • Less financial stress
  • More marital happiness
  • Less guilt
  • Confidential 
  • Freedom
  • Peace of mind
  • Confidence
  • Getting bargains
  • Investing with confidence
  • Saving money

How do I find out more

It is our policy to provide a free consultation to allow you to find out more about Lighthouse. This consultation can last approximately one hour and will not only help you in deciding the value of our services but allow us to determine if Lighthouse is the place for you. At Lighthouse we search for individuals that want to grow and make a positive difference in society. If this sounds like you then contact us at 330-776-8007 and leave a message and a Lighthouse Professional will return your call with in 24 hours.

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